Christmas Gift Guide for Beer Enthusiasts

Beer is something that many people enjoy, but some are even passionate about. If you have a friend or family member who is always trying to get you to try their newest beer find, then a beer gift might be a great idea for them. Here are some of the top gifts on the market for beer enthusiasts.

Beer From Around the World

For beer enthusiasts, there is nothing better than trying a new brew. A great gift idea can be to get your gift recipient a single bottle of beer from a variety of different places around the world. Depending on your budget you may want to purchase a 6-pack of beer, a 12-pack, or even more. The type of beers you would want to put in such a gift are not typically found at your local grocery or liquor store. For specialty beer you need to visit a wine store. Although going to a wine store to buy beer may sound strange, most wine stores will also sell specialty hand crafted beers in most cases by the single bottle. Many of these wine stores will sometimes already have holiday gift packs assembled during the winter months, as well as seasonal sampler packs throughout the year.

A Beer Brewing Kit

You know what you like as far as beer in concerned, so why not brew your own? A beer brewing kit can be a great gift for a beer enthusiast that can literally keep giving. Depending on where you live you will either purchase a beer brewing kit from a beer supply company, or you can purchase the kit online from one of the numerous beer brewing kit manufacturers. If you’re purchasing your kit over the internet make sure you also purchase everything your gift recipient will need to start brewing immediately. No one wants to receive a great new toy without the batteries to play with it!

Subscription to a Beer Magazine

My personal recommendation for a great beer publication is “All About Beer” magazine. The magazine has interviews with brewers, profiles of different types of beer, and much more. The magazine can be a great way for a true enthusiast to learn a little more about their passion, and gets some cool mail as well. In addition to All About Beer there are several other beer magazines available for you to purchase. Check the internet for beer publications in your area.

Trip To a Brewery

No matter where you live chances are there is at least one beer brewery in your area, and that brewery more than likely does tours. Call around and see if you can get tickets to a brewery tour in your area. The best part about this particular gift is that it probably won’t cost you a penny. If you want to make the gift a little better, try visiting a brewery out of town or even out of state that you know your gift recipient is a fan of. In my opinion vacations are always better gifts than “stuff”, and visiting their favorite brewery can be a dream come true for a beer enthusiast.

Great Glass wear

Sure your gift recipient loves beer, but do they have the glass wear to prove it? Just like with wine, different types of beer have different glasses that are appropriate to drink them from. Some of the neatest glasses in my opinion are the ones designed for Belgian beers. You can purchase these types of glasses directly from the brewery, or online off of sites like eBay. Glasses with logos from famous breweries always make fun gifts for beer lovers.

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