Cleaning Your Homebrew Equipment

It is quite easy for you to brew beer at home. Besides being more economical, the beer you will produce will definitely have more quality than those available in the stores. Your friends that drink craft beers with you will also have much higher respect for you. What is given here is just an introduction into beginning to brew you very own homebrew.


Before you begin, you have to keep everything that you will use in the brewing of your beer clean. First you will need to remove the grit that may have accumulated on you homebrewing equipment. You can easily do that by washing them in a dish washer, but you have to set it at high heat with no soap. Alternatively, you can also wash them with a powdered sanitizer. Cleaning grit with a scrubber that can scratch the items for brewing the beer is not good. This is because pathogens can easily develop in the scraped surfaces which make it close to impossible to clean the grooves out.


Once you have the grime off of all of your brewing equipment you will need to sanitize all of the items. If you do not have any sanitizing powder and opt for bleach, first put an ounce of bleach into 5 gallons of water then add an ounce of white vinegar to the bleach water. This will cause the water to become more acidic and thus cleanse the brewing equipment very well. Keep in mind that you should not mix the bleach with vinegar, just add them separately to the 5 gallon bucket starting with the bleach. If you are sanitising with a powdered sanitizer mix allow the equipment to air dry without rinsing. If you chose the bleach and vinegar solution then you will need to rinse.


Bear in mind that bleach can spoil the taste of your deliciously crafted home brew. Consequently, it has to be rinsed. However, rinsing it off makes it favourable for microorganisms to develop on the equipment you have already sterilised. For this reason it is best to rinse the bleach and vinegar solution off with sterile or distilled water.

In beer brewing, you are free to use anything or do anything that will give you the beer you want…but do not forget that hygiene is the most important aspect of beer brewing. You need to do everything in your power to keep your brewing equipment as clean as possible.

The following Introduction to Homebrewing article will describe the actual brewing process to you.

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