Great Beer in Victoria

The city of Victoria, British Columbia is located an hour and forty-five minutes south west of Vancouver by ferry. World famous for its Butchart Gardens and beautiful forest lined beaches the Capital City is also home of some of the best beer on earth.

What makes a great beer? Brewing a decent malt, stout, lager or ale takes years of practice, study and the freshest ingredients on earth. Victoria is home to some of the best organic produce in the world. So called “hippie” style farmers grow and sell their produce in their community and this isn’t exclusive to barley, hops nor yeast. Local micro-breweries buy it and make fantastic, fresh and delicious beer.

The big three are Lighthouse Brewing, Vancouver Island Brewing and Phillips Brewery. Up an coming breweries include Spinnakers, Driftwood Beer, Canoe and the Bedford Brewing Co. My personal favorites are Vancouver Island Brewing and Phillips Brewery.

The reason why Phillips is my favorite is due to these massive bottles of beer they sell straight from the taps. They call it a growler and I would guess it is about twice the size of a pitcher. Last year my friends and I were having a Kentucky Derby Party and wanted a keg of beer. It was Saturday so most of the breweries we closed. We called Phillips and they were happy to help us out. We picked up a pair of Blue Buck kegs and everything went great.

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