PicoBrew: Simple Home Beer Brewing Appliance

Home brewing beer, as the American Homebrewers Association indicates, is a long, laborious process, though a popular hobby. A company called PicoBrew, according to SyFy Dvice, has vowed to change the first two aspects of home brewing.

The company has developed an appliance that it claims makes home brewing beer as easy as making coffee with a coffee machine. It’s not quite like that, but it is closer than conventional home brewing methods.

The home brewing appliance allows one to program a beer recipe and then add grain, hops, and water. About three and a half hours later, one has created a batch of unfermented beer in a five gallon keg. After cooling the batch to room temperature, one adds yeast and seals the keg. After five days to a week, one can pour the newly created beer into a clean keg or into sterilized bottles that one can get at any home brewing supply outlet.

PicoBrew has already raised more than the money it needs to refine the final product on Kickstarterand get it ready to ship to customers, scheduled as of this writing for January, 2014. Thus far it is unknown how much the appliance will retail.

Having a means to brew beer that doesn’t involve a lot of labor is an interesting innovation, putting the PicBrew appliance somewhere between conventional home brewing and just picking up a six pack at the store. It will very likely open up the hobby to a lot more people who might lack the time and patience to make their own craft beer by hand. If it works as advertised, the brewing appliance would be a hit at parties, creating batches of refreshment that could not be sampled anywhere else or gifts in bottles with custom made labels.

Now if someone can find a way the make wine and cider, that would really be something.

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